AHTCA Booking System

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If you have problems booking call 07771 333 369

You will benefit from a private session

There are a variety of reasons that one or more private sessions will suit you:


⦿ You are a complete beginner and you would be more comfortable with a few private sessions to get you started.


⦿ You want some private coaching to help you along and speed up your progress.


⦿ You are interested in a particular aspect of Tai Chi and want to concentrate on that.


⦿ You have commitments that mean you can’t make (or keep missing) group sessions.


⦿ You are an experienced Tai Chi practitioner and want some ‘fine tuning’ or are looking to develop additional aspects of the art.


⦿ Your own reasons - it’s simply what you want to do.


Call 07771 333 369 to discuss any questions that you have about private sessions…



1 - The booking system should NOT be used to book for ‘Today’ unless you have previously confirmed with me, Robert, on 07771 333 369 as to availability.


2 - The booking system automatically sends you an email with your booking details, but please contact me, Robert, on 07771 333 369 or enter your telephone number in the booking form to receive final confirmation that all is OK. I will then send out a personal email to you which will have the meeting confirmation.


3 - Online sessions - you will need a computer with a webcam, or a smartphone so I can see you.


4 - All sessions (Zoom or Outdoor or Indoor) are for up to two people, so there’s no additional fee for a partner.


5 - Outdoor/Indoor sessions take place in our garden or our studio at 27 Ballantyne Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 9FJ.


6 - Cancellation within 24 hours of a scheduled session will result in the fee being forfeit. Earlier than 24 hours, the full fee will be refunded or you may reschedule.


Book required session

  • Services
  • Zoom Intro session
    Before starting with Zoom group sessions, start with this introductory session. It's a personal 30 minute online introduction to Tai Chi, and you will then get your first online group session (FREE). It's best to contact Robert on 07771 333 369 to agree date and time of session before booking.
  • Online 30 Minutes
    30 Minute Zoom Tai Chi session. NOTE: Don't book for 'Today' unless you have checked availability with Robert on 07771 333 369.
  • Online 1 Hour
    1 hour duration online Zoom Tai Chi session. NOTE: Don't book for 'Today' unless you have checked availability with Robert on 07771 333 369.
  • In-Person @ Rushden 1 hr
    1 hour duration Tai Chi session